Glass window displaying Wisecrack & Whimsy logo

Welcome to Wisecrack & Whimsy, where law is never taken too seriously, and decorum is always in question.

Wisecrack & Whimsy started one beautiful October morning when founders Paul and Chris realized that together they could create something they had each dreamed of since school—a firm specialized in fun.

It all started on the porch of Paul’s home when Chris dropped by to enjoy as much of Paul’s coffee and good cheer as the gracious host could offer. In the course of a conversation that went from startups and legal matters to rough-riding presidents and electric vehicles, Paul brought up an idea he had back in law school—to create a series of fun shirts based on precedents he'd been studying. His idea inspired Chris, who having spent his life surrounded by lawyers, had plenty to say about the subject.

Even though creating lighthearted law gear sounded like fun, Paul, being a lawyer, had little time for such pursuits, but Chris, always up for a creative and artistic challenge, became the perfect legal partner. The rest is history (as they say), and now they’re in this together, Paul with great depths of legal expertise and energy and Chris (often seen in an “I’m a lover not a lawyer” shirt), never afraid to lay down the law or at least have some fun being creative with it.

The result of their partnership is Wisecrack & Whimsy, the only fun law brand designed especially for lawyers, law students, and anyone ready to unleash their inner lawyer.

Thank you—we can’t wait to see you out there representing!

Paul's and Chris's signatures